OFROSOM offers humanitarian and social development projects to vulnerable communities in Somalia.

Our Mission

The mission of Somalisk Forening for Genopbygning (OFROSOM) is to strengthen the capacity of Somali grassroots, develop educational and health institutions including higher education and to encourage peace, democracy and human rights amongst the different communities particularly the marginalized people in the region

Our Vission

The vision of Somalisk Forening for Genopbygning (Organization for Rehabilitation of Somalia (OFROSOM) is to empower the grassroots of the community, particularly women, marginalized people and human activists who develop good governance, humanitarian development projects and peace in the region.


  • To work closely with international agencies
  • To restore family economics
  • To encourage community health care system
  • Provide health centers, water and sanitation
  • To respond natural disasters

Our Team

Somalisk Forening for Genopbygning (OFROSOM) has two governing bodies General Assembly and executive Board. The general assembly is the highest authority of the organization and consist 71 persons who are the founders and subscription fee paying members of the General Assembly.

Dr. Yassin Ahmed Osoble


Dr. Abdiaziz Mohamed Hagi Omer

Vice Chairman

Mr. Bashir Elmi Faradar


Mrs. Sirad Mohamed Sadik

Assistant Chairman

Mr. Abdihakim Osman Warsame


Sahal Abdi Jama


Hanat Osman Gure