Our Vision

The vision of Somalisk Forening for Genopbygning (Organization for Rehabilitation of Somalia (OFROSOM) is to empower the grassroots of the community, particularly women, marginalized people and human activists who develop good governance, humanitarian development projects and peace in the region.

Our Mission

The mission of Somalisk Forening for Genopbygning (OFROSOM) is to strengthen the capacity of Somali grassroots, develop educational and health institutions including higher education and to encourage peace, democracy and human rights amongst the different communities particularly the marginalized people in the region
Our Objectives:
  • To work closely with international agencies in accountability by developing mechanisms to facilitate safe working environment.
  • To respond and facilitate both education/higher education and health programs in both rural and urban areas.
  • To restore family economics through income generating activities such as skill training as a tool to improve and empower their living standards.
  • Provide health centers, water and sanitation as well as awareness rising programs on HIV/AIDS.
  • To respond natural disasters as well as other humanitarian interventions.

Welcome to OFROSOM

Organization for Rehabilitation of Somalia – OFROSOM (Somalisk Forening for Genopbygning) is a Danish non-profit making, non-governmental, non political Association. The organization was founded in 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark by concerned Somali Diaspora professionals in Denmark who realized the need of such organization which will contribute the civil society development in Somalia which was devastated by civil war after the collapse of Somalia Government in January 26, 1991. The association is registered and based in Copenhagen, Denmark with charity number CVR 33282869.

The association was established in 2004 to promote the concept of social development. OFROSOM was founded as a response to the instability and civil war after the collapse of the Somali military government in 1991 which resulted the destruction of the democratic framework of civil society life in Somalia as well as the destruction of educational and health institutions in the country.

OFROSOM has contributed a lot of humanitarian projects in central regions, particularly Galmudug.

We’ve funded several charity projects together with our Donors for people around the world.

Construction of Herodhagahley Hospital funded by OFROSOM and Danish Diaspora 2019

Midwifery Training project

Midwifery Training project in Galkaio n 2012 funded by Civil Society in Development -CISU Denmark DKK.199.980.00

Elgula secondary school

Elgula secondary school in Galmuddug in 2013funded by Danish Refugee Council -DRC – DKK.170.003.00

FGM Project in Galmudug funded by DRC – DKK.232.000

Farming project in Herodhagahley in Galmudug in 2014 funded by DRC – DKK.413.000

Drought emergency intervention in Galmudug in 2017 funded by Danish Emergency Response Fund

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