Maternity Condition in Somalia
A student Graduates Midwifery Course
Midwifery: students in the classroom.
Midwifery: students'Graduation
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Midwifery Training Project

Galmudug Mudug University Rector at Midwifery Project Training inauguration ceremony.

During final monitoring visit the project was perceived successful. The school was entirely rehabilitated and OFROSOM, in collaboration with their local partner, had completed the project on time. They had managed to rehabilitate the school, repair most of the existing furniture as well as provided new ones. Due to the success of the project and the fact that objectives were reached, the DO and local partner managed to establish a good reputation among government and community.

Local Partner

In regards to the local partner, GARDO, the project management was perceived as successful as they took great responsibility and demonstrated knowledge about DRC’s guidelines and requirements. Further, collaboration between the Diaspora organisation and local partner was positive.   No major challenges were identified during project implementation.